Mediation Services

Our Practice Areas for Mediation 

Workplace Disputes

Workplace relationship breakdown or conflict , can have a detrimental and negative impact on a business’s operations.and if not properly addressed, can ultimately result in legal proceedings.

Mediation can help to transform and improve the workplace relations  while limiting future legal costs and proceedings.

Civil Litigation Disputes

Civil Litigation refers to the various legal disputes between private individuals that range from Personally Injury claims, Medical Negligences Defamation , Landlord and Tenant to Boundary disputes between neighbours.

Mediation can help private parties to find legal settlement without the need and cost of lengthy court process.

Commercial Litigation Disputes

Commercial Litigation refers to various legal disputes between businesses that range from Contractual disputes, Intellectual Property disputes and Debt Recovery matters.

Mediation can provide the requisite forum for businesses to find legal settlement and resolution in a more cost and time efficient manner.

About Us

Mediation Firm provides Mediation services nationwide and internationally as a form of dispute resolution with particular focus on civil, commercial and workplace disputes. The Principal of the firm Jason O’ Sullivan, is an accredited Mediator of the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII).

The Mediation Firm is an affiliate of  J.O.S Solicitors with offices in both Dublin and Galway, giving us a nationwide reach with a localised client focused approach.

Our Services

Our Mediation services for business and Individuals covers the areas of Workplace Relations, Civil Litigation and Commercial Litigation disputes . We understand the benefits that can be gained by embracing Mediation as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by offering parties to a dispute, the opportunity to meet in a private and confidential setting with an impartial Mediator and attempt to resolve their dispute in an amicable and speedy manner. 

We strongly believe that this is an invaluable and highly effective process that will grow further in Ireland, and it is our strategic intention to use our knowledge and experience to help businesses and individual find alternative solutions for contentious matters.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is an efficient and cost effective process that enables conflicted colleagues to voluntarily participate in an open discussion about their grievances in a supportive and confidential manner, as chaired by an independent, impartial and unbiased Mediator.

The role of the Mediator is quite simple yet highly specialised, it is to facilitate this open discussion between both parties in a mutually trusted environment and through the Mediators guidance and empowerment, enable both parties to find agreeable solutions that will resolve their conflict..

Legal Requirement

The Mediation process is rapidly growing in Ireland and is recognised as an important new forum that enables parties to avoid the need of high risk and costly legal proceedings.

The Mediation Act, 2017 came into law in Ireland in January 2018. The purpose of this welcomed piece of legislation is to allow parties to a dispute to avoid the costs of litigation and to reduce the number of disputes coming before the Courts. There is now an obligation on all solicitors to advise their clients of the option of engaging in Mediation prior to the issuing of legal proceedings

Your Mediator  

The Mediation Firm was founded by Accredited Mediator Jason O'Sullivan, who is also an Award Winning Solicitor and Public Affairs Consultant at J.O.S Solicitors an Affiliate of Mediation Firm. 

 Jason was awarded “Connacht/Ulster Sole Practitioner/Sole Principal of the Year” at the Clinch Wealth Management Irish Law Awards 2018

Professional Experience:

After qualifying as a solicitor in Ireland in 2007,  Jason practised for a number of years as an Associate Solicitor, specialising in Employment Law, Company Law, Commercial and Civil Litigation.

Combining his skill and passion for law and politics, he then paved out a successful career in Public Affairs, before opening up his own law practice J.O.S Solicitors. During his time in Public Affairs, he worked both in the corporate and the not-for-profit sector, gaining unique experience and knowledge of these diverse environments from the legal, regulatory and policy perspectives. He also gained exceptional experience and insight into the strategic areas of Employee Engagement and Crisis Management, which complimented his legal knowledge and acumen.

Jason is also a qualified Solicitor in England and Wales, since 2010 and is an accredited Mediator of the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII).


Jason also regularly contributes to media interviews and debates on various legal and policy topics. He has had numerous articles and opinion pieces published in the national and regional press, and in particular with The Irish Independent and The He has also been made appearances on national TV and in particular RTE’s News One ,  Six One News and RTE’s Campaign Daily, including guest appearances on various national and regional radio shows, such as RTE’s Morning Ireland and Newstalk.

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